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        Chemical Accident Prevention Program (CAPP)

        CAPP regulates 40 plus facilities handling nearly 30 million pounds of highly hazardous substances.
        CAPP regulates 40+ facilities handling nearly 30 Million Pounds of Highly Hazardous Substances

        The purpose of the Chemical Accident Prevention Program (CAPP) pursuant to NRS 459.380:

        1.  Protect the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of this State from the effects of the improper handling of hazardous chemicals or explosives at the point where:
        (a) The chemicals are produced, used or stored in this State; or
        (b) The explosives are manufactured for sale in this State;
        2.  Ensure that the employees of this State who are required to work with hazardous chemicals or explosives are guaranteed a safe and healthful working environment;
        3.  Protect the natural resources of this State by preventing and mitigating accidental or unexpected releases of hazardous chemicals into the environment; and
        4.  Ensure the safe and adequate handling of:
        (a) Hazardous chemicals that are produced, used, stored or handled in this State; and
        (b) Explosives that are manufactured for sale in this State.

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