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        Bureau of Federal Facilities Contacts

        Las Vegas Office (702) 486-2850
        Christine Andres - Bureau Chief
        candres [at] www.cateringmanage.com
        Ext – 232
        Gail Tackett - Administrative Assistant
        gtackett [at] www.cateringmanage.com
        Ext – 224
        Britt Jacobson - Underground Testing Area (UGTA) / Off-Site Programs
        bjacobso [at] www.cateringmanage.com
        Ext – 236
        Mark McLane - Branch Supervisor UGTA/Off-Site Programs
        mmclane [at] www.cateringmanage.com
        Ext – 226
        Justin Costa Rica - Hazardous & Solid Waste/Remediation
        jcostarica [at] www.cateringmanage.com
        Ext – 234

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