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        Basic Remediation Company (BRC)

        Corrective Action Management Unit
        Corrective Action Management Unit


        In 1941, the Basic Magnesium Incorporated (BMI) complex was built near Henderson, Nevada for the U.S. government.  The purpose of the BMI complex was to produce magnesium in support of the Allied effort during World War II.  In 1944, having met the production requirement of magnesium for the war effort, the plant was shut down.  In 1947, the federal government sold the BMI complex to the State of Nevada, and in 1952, the State of Nevada divided and sold the BMI complex to several private manufacturing companies.  In 1952, Basic Management Inc. was organized as a privately-owned holding company to own and manage the common utilities of the industrial plants located within the BMI complex.  Beginning in 1991, numerous environmental investigations were conducted along the entire 2,200-acre portion of the site located on the east side of Boulder Highway.  Ultimately, it was determined that some areas contained potentially harmful contaminants as a result of BMI’s historical use of unlined evaporation ponds for the disposal of industrial and municipal effluent (a practice that was discontinued in 1976).  In 1999, Basic Remediation Company, LLC (BRC), a subsidiary of Basic Management Inc., was created to lead the remediation effort for the 2,200-acre site.  The restoration effort included soil cleanup, soils and groundwater testing, and the construction of a permanent, engineered Corrective Action Management Unit (CAMU) to house impacted soil removed from the site.  Excavation and transportation of soil began in 2008.  The CAMU received the last of the remediation wastes in 2014 and was closed in 2015.  The CAMU is lined, capped, and monitored in full compliance with all applicable regulations, and is located within the BMI complex, which is now known as the Black Mountain Industrial Center.

        Current Status

        BRC completed the 2016 annual groundwater monitoring at the CAMU pursuant to the NDEP-approved long-term CAMU groundwater monitoring work plan and complied with post-closure monitoring requirements regarding condition inspections and the leachate monitoring/collection system per the approved permit.  Additionally, based on results of the last two rounds of groundwater sampling (2009/2010 and 2014/2015) in the Eastside, BRC collected a supplemental round of groundwater samples at selected shallow groundwater well locations across the Eastside.  Results showed that groundwater contamination levels have been generally consistent.  Also, within the Eastside, BRC conducted soil gas measurements in the vicinity of well POU3 to address potential data gaps.  Thirty locations were sampled and the soil gas data are being evaluated.

        Downloadable Documents

        Basic Remediation Company Fact Sheet (PDF, 1.95 MB)

        Second Quarter 2019 Progress Report (PDF, 88.8 KB)

        First Quarter 2019 Progress Report (PDF, 10.8 KB)

        Fourth Quarter 2018 Progress Report (PDF, 11.1 KB)

        Third Quarter 2018 Progress Report (PDF, 13 KB)

        2017 CAMU Long-Term Groundwater Monitoring Report (PDF, 5.58 MB)

        Visit the BRC Data Repository to download additional documents.

        Recent News

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        Additional Information

        For more information, please contact Grant Evenson at gevenson [at] www.cateringmanage.com or 702-486-2850 x241.

        To request public records, please submit a Public Records Request Form.

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