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        Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET)

        A portion of the groundwater extraction and treatment system at the TIMET facility.
        A portion of the groundwater extraction and treatment system at the TIMET facility.


        Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET) was founded as Titanium Metals Corporation of America in 1950, and in 1951, began operating a facility on the east portion of Basic Management, Inc., an industrial complex near Henderson, Nevada currently also known as the Black Mountain Industrial (BMI) Center.  TIMET specializes in the production of titanium products for the industrial, defense, and commercial aerospace markets.  From the beginning of 1951 through 1976, process wastewater from TIMET and other facilities within the BMI complex was discharged to several unlined ponds through a series of ditches, a practice that was industry standard and legal at the time.  The enactment of numerous environmental regulations during the 1970’s and early 1980’s resulted in the modification of disposal practices to reduce the potential environmental impacts of facility operations.  Resultantly, all evaporation ponds constructed on the TIMET property since 1976 have been lined.  Use of the ponds was permanently discontinued 2005 when TIMET constructed an on-site water treatment facility for effluent processing.  Historic operations and practices at the TIMET facilities, as well as the potential migration of contaminated groundwater from other sites within the BMI complex, have resulted in impacts to groundwater in the area.  In March 2014, TIMET began operation of a Groundwater Extraction and Treatment System to capture and treat contaminated groundwater underlying the TIMET site.

        Installation of a geosynthetic clay liner over the northern portion of the TIMET site to help prevent dust generation and erosion of site soils.
        Capping of the S-18 Landfill was completed during the Spring of 2016 in accordance with the approved plans and specifications by installation of a geosynthetic cover system, and placement of protective soil layers.

        Current Status

        TIMET Groundwater Extraction and Treatment System (GWETS) operations are being monitored in accordance with the NDEP-approved Monitoring & Sampling/Analysis Plan and quarterly reports are being submitted.  During the first three years of operations more than 50 million gallons of water were treated with approximately 120 pounds of volatile organic chemicals removed from the subsurface.  Additionally, semi-annual site-wide and downgradient groundwater sampling, hydraulic head monitoring, and monitored natural attenuation (MNA) evaluations are conducted.

        TIMET continues to work cooperatively with the Nevada Environmental Response Trust (NERT) and NDEP to help identify and implement treatment to remove perchlorate and hexavalent chromium from groundwater extracted by the TIMET GWETS.

        Downloadable Documents

        TIMET Fact Sheet (PDF, 405 KB)

        2018 Annual Site Cover System Conditions Report (PDF, 5.73 MB)

        2017 Annual Site Cover System Conditions Report (PDF, 5.50 MB)

        Second Quarter 2019 Status Report (PDF, 151 KB)

        First Quarter 2019 Status Report (PDF, 149 KB)

        Fourth Quarter 2018 Status Report (PDF 149 KB)

        Third Quarter 2018 Status Report (PDF, 210 KB)

        First Quarter 2019 GWETS Operations, Maintenance, and Performance Report (PDF, 21.3 MB)*

        Fourth Quarter 2018 GWETS Operations, Maintenance, and Performance Report (PDF, 6.49 MB)*

        Third Quarter 2018 GWETS Operations, Maintenance, and Performance Report (PDF, 24.1 MB)*

        Second Quarter 2018 GWETS Operations, Maintenance, and Performance Report (PDF, 5.26 MB)*

        2018 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report (PDF, 10.2 MB)*

        2017 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report (PDF, 1.61 MB)*

        Schedule for Remaining Site Work (PDF, 102 KB)

        *Attachments, figures, and/or appendices have been omitted from this document.  For a copy of the full report, please contact Grant Evenson.

        Recent News

        TIMET News

        TIMET Timeline of Milestones

        PCC Forged Products

        **Third-party source

        Disclaimer: The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection does not offer any guarantee, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, validity, or completeness of the information presented by a third-party.  Furthermore, the views or opinions expressed by a third-party do not reflect the views or opinions of the Division.

        Additional Information

        For more information, please contact Grant Evenson at gevenson [at] www.cateringmanage.com or 702-486-2850 x241.

        To request public records, please submit a Public Records Request Form.

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