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        Lower Colorado Geographic Response Plan

        The Lower Colorado Geographic Response Plan (LCGRP): This plan is the principal guide for emergency preparedness and response along the Lower Colorado River from Hoover Dam to the United States/Mexico Border. This plan is consistent with the National Contingency Plan (NCP) and is intended to facilitate multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional coordination, communication and collaboration among local, State and Federal agencies, Tribal nations, and industry when responding to oil and hazardous material emergencies. The LCGRP is divided into three Areas:

        Area 1 — Hoover Dam to Davis Dam
        Download Area 1 Response Plan 
        Download Area 1 Maps 

        Area 2 — Davis Dam to Parker Dam
        Download Area 2 Response Plan 
        Download Area 2 Maps

        Area 3 — Parker Dam to the United States/Mexico Border
        Download Area 3 Response Plan 
        Download Area 3 Maps 

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