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        GIS Support

        NDEP GIS Support

        Email: NDEP-Helpdesk@www.cateringmanage.com
        Phone: 775-687-9328
        Address: 901 S. Stewart St.
        Carson City, NV 89701
        Public Maps: http://webgis.www.cateringmanage.com/
        Map Services: http://ndep-emap.nv.gov/ArcGIS/rest/services


        ESRI Support Links

        • ESRI Support Center - The best resource for questions about ArcGIS software. Enter your error message or the keywords of your problem in the search box. Look for answers in discussion forums, mailing lists, white papers, and help menus.
        • ArcGIS Desktop Help - ESRI provides documentation for ArcGIS Desktop.
        • ESRI Mapping Center - Learn how to make great looking maps by using professional cartographic concepts and techniques.
        • ESRI User Forums - A space for the GIS community of professionals to ask and answer focused questions; you can also browse past discussions.
        • ArcGIS Explorer - Information and download

        Link for free open source GIS software: http://learninggis.com/learn-about-gis/gis-mapping-software

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