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        Map Services

        Web Map Services

        Map services offer access to GIS features and attributes by allowing you to view, identify, find, and query datasets within your preferred mapping application such as ArcGIS Desktop. The URL for a map service cannot be viewed in a web browser because it is a web service that broadcasts data over the internet in a format that can only be interpreted by a supporting map application. When you use NDEP's map service you are working with the most current GIS datasets available, as many bureau specific datasets are updated every day. The "eMap" Map Service contains the same datasets as the eMap online map. A high-speed internet connection is required for best performance. Please see the following instructions on how to connect to NDEP's map services using a mapping application.


        ArcGIS Desktop (9.3 or higher)

        1. Open ArcMap. From the Catalog window, expand GIS Servers.
        2. Double click on "Add ArcGIS Server". Select the option to "Use GIS Services" and click Next.
        3. For the Internet Server URL type: http://ndep-emap.nv.gov/ArcGIS/rest/services Then click Finish.
        4. Double click to open the new GIS Server connection “arcgis on ndep-emap.nv.gov”.
        5. Add one or more of the map services to your ArcMap document.


        ArcGIS Explorer (9.3 or higher) Free Mapping Software

        1. Download and install ArcGIS Explorer from ESRI.
        2. Open ArcGIS Explorer.
        3. Under the Home menu, click the Map section. Select Add Content then GIS Services.
        4. In the Add GIS Service window, select "New Server Connection"
        5. For Server type, select "ArcGIS Server". For Server, enter the following URL: http://ndep-emap.nv.gov/ArcGIS/rest/services.
        6. Do not provide a username and password. Click Next.
        7. Select a map service (eMap), then click the "Add Service" button.
        8. After a few seconds, the map will zoom to Nevada and the map service will display. Suggested Basemap (World Imagery).
        9. To turn on and off layers, right click on the eMap service in the Contents window and select "Properties".
        10. Select the Sub-layers menu. Check on and off layers as needed.
        11. To view information about features on the map, select the Popup Content menu. Check the option for "Display a popup window".
        12. Click OK. Please note: The refresh for the map display will depend on your Internet connection speed.

        You can view any of these services through ArcGIS Explorer Online, a free online mapping tool that has a similar look and feel to the downloadable desktop version (ArcGIS Explorer) and does not require you to install software on your computer. Search for "NDEP" to see a list of our map/rest services.

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