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        Mining Closure Guidance, Policies, References, and Requirements

        Permit Modification Requirements

        Stability Requirements

        NDEP Certified Laboratory Information

        • NDEP requires all sample results submitted for permit complaince be analyzed by a certified/approved laboratory. Additional information about NDEP's laboratory certification program may be reviewed at the Laboratory Certification Webpage. Navigate to the center of the page to "Certified Lab List" and select a laboratory listed on the CWA (Clean Water Act) tab at the bottom of the Nevada Certified Lab List (Excel spreadsheet) for accepted Nevada laboratories regarding water analyses. For Nevada certified labs regarding analyses of soils, waste rock and overburden, see the "Mining" tab.

        Guidance for Hydrogeologic Groundwater Flow Modeling at Mine Sites

        Guidance for Geochemical Modeling at Mine Sites

        Listing of Accepted Codes for Groundwater and Geochemical Modeling at Mine Sites

        Monitoring and Sampling Information

        Mine Waste Solids Reuse

        Burial of Stucture Foundations

        • Information on the burial of structure foundations may be found on the Bureau of Sustainable Materials Mangement (BSMM) page here. Under "Landfills - Municipal & Industrial", scroll down to "Guidance Document for Abandonment of Structures" for the most updated information on this topic. Please note: the mine operator may need to obtain a Class III Landfill waiver prior to the abandonment of building foundations. Please contact the BSMM at (775) 687-9462 for more information.


        Mine Closure

        Memorandum of Understanding (DCNR, USFS, BLM)

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