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        Mining Closure Applications, Fees, and Forms

        ​​About BMRR Permits - Read Before Submitting an Application

        Permit Application, Modification, Fees, and Timelines

        Discharge Permit Applications

        • Temporary Discharge Permit Application and Instructions (PDF, Online Form)

        ​Permit Transfer Requirements

        Forms for Monitoring Reports and Spill Records

        • NDEP form 0190, Quarterly Monitoring Report - Profile I Parameters (PDF, Online Form) ​
        • NDEP form 0090, Quarterly Monitoring Report - Profile II Parameters (PDF, Online Form) ​
        • NDEP form 0290, Quarterly Monitoring Report - Profile III Parameters (PDF, Online Form
        • NDEP form 0390, Annual Spill/Release Record (PDF, Online Form
        • NDEP form 0490, Spill/Release Record Submitted for each Spill/Release (PDF, Online Form)​​​​​          
        • NDEP form 0590, Leak Detection Systems - Quarterly Monitoring Results (PDF, Online Form)  

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