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        Hazardous Waste Recycling Facilities

        Hazardous Waste Recycling Facilities

        Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 444.84555 requires a facility or mobile unit for the recycling of hazardous waste to obtain a Written Determination (WD) by the NDEP Administrator.

        Below are links (pdf formated files) to the list of Written Determinations previously issued by NDEP, an application guidance document and a couple of annual reporting forms for your use.

        The Division of Environmental Protection maintains a contract with the University of Nevada's Business Environmental Program to provide free and confidential hazardous waste technical assistance to small businesses throughout Nevada. They may be contacted at (800) 882-3233 Toll-Free in Nevada, (775) 834-3674 in Reno and (702) 866-5927 in Las Vegas.

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