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        The e-Manifest System

        EPA's Electronic Manifest (e-Manifest) System

        On June 30, 2018, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) activated a national system for electronically tracking hazardous waste shipments from cradle to grave.  The e-Manifest system facilitates the transmission of information from uniform hazardous waste manifest forms to the EPA using a web based program.  The EPA is implementing the e-Manifest system in partnership with industry and states through the RCRAInfo Industry Application.  By enabling the transition from a paper-intensive process to an electronic system, the EPA estimates e-Manifest will reduce the burden associated with preparing manifests, create rapid notification of discrepancies related to shipments of hazardous waste, and ultimately create a cost savings to industry and state stakeholders.

        NDEP Resources for e-Manifest

        Overview of the e-Manifest System

        You can learn more about e-Manifest by exploring the direct links below or by visiting EPA’s e-Manifest homepage.

        General Information

        Using e-Manifest

        Requirements for Receiving Facilities

        EPA Resources and Ongoing System Development

        Join the e-Manifest ListServ

        Questions about using the e-Manifest system?

        e-Manifest Helpdesk for Industry Users

        8:00 am ET – 6:00 pm ET

        Toll Free: (833) 501-6826

        Direct Line: (970) 494-5508

        Email Helpdesk for Industry Users


        For Additional Information Contact:

        Nevada Division of Environmental Protection via e-mail: IDnumber [at] www.cateringmanage.com.

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