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        Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest Requirements

        Key Points for Manifesting

        • Users in the regulated community have the option to use electronic manifests or paper manifest forms.
        • The existing 6-copy manifest form has been replaced with a new 5-copy manifest form
        • Per the US DOT hazardous materials regulations, a transporter must carry one paper copy of a manifest on their transport vehicle for emergency responders in the event of an incident during transport.
        • Electronic manifests are the legal equivalent to paper manifests when obtained, used, and submitted in accordance with the e-Manifest regulations.
        • The e-Manifest system will collect manifests for wastes shipped on a manifest, where the manifest is required either by federal law, or the law of the generator state or destination state.
        • Any requirement in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations to give, provide, send, forward, or return a copy of the manifest to another person (including states) is satisfied when an electronic manifest is submitted to the system (40 CFR Part 262.24(a)(2) and Part 264.71(f)(2)).
        • Final manifests are no longer distributed to states.  Receiving facilities are required to submit final manifests to EPA for the e-Manifest system.  See How to Submit a Manifest to EPA.  

        Overview of Manifest Recordkeeping Requirements

        Image of Manifest Overview

        Additional information about the uniform hazardous waste manifest program is available from the EPA website.

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