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        June 22, 2020

        Governor Sisolak announces “Clean Cars Nevada” initiative

        Gov. Sisolak announces “Clean Cars Nevada,” initiative to provide Nevadans with more choices for less-polluting cars and trucks

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        January 06, 2020

        Nevada releases updated Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report to advance statewide climate goals

        Under the leadership of Governor Sisolak, Nevada is accelerating efforts to achieve a clean, sustainable, and climate-resilient future for all Nevadans. As we embark on the new decade, Nevada will continue its leadership in advancing clean energy solutions and addressing the growing impacts of climate change that are already being felt in all corners of the Silver State. As a foundation of this effort, the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy are releasing an updated and expanded Nevada Statewide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Projections Report.

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        November 18, 2019

        Volkswagen Settlement projects reduce diesel pollution in Nevada, over $3 million awarded

        Since 2018, Nevada has leveraged more than $10 million through the Volkswagen Settlement Fund to reduce harmful emissions from older diesel engines and support statewide vehicle electrification efforts

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        October 30, 2019

        Nevada receives nearly $500,000 to reduce pollution from diesel vehicles

        New clean-diesel school buses deliver cleaner, healthier rides for Clark County schoolchildren. Eco-friendly utility trucks improve air quality in Reno.

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        July 31, 2019

        Clark County School District receives over $800,000 in grants to fund new low-emissions school buses

        CLARK COUNTY, NV – As part of statewide efforts to promote clean transportation and improve urban air quality, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) is pleased to announce that the Clark County School District is receiving $809,116 from the Nevada Clean Diesel Program and Volkswagen (VW) settlement funds for the replacement of 23 old diesel school buses with new, cleaner school buses.

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