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        Request Public Records

        Contaminated Site Cleanup, Public Information Request Forms & Applications

        A screenshot of NDEP's online record database​Access many records online
        Our online document viewer archives various permits, reports, and files related to our air and mining programs. All it takes is a simple search to access thousands of documents on NDEP activities across Nevada.

        Instructions for Submitting a Request

        You may submit a public record request either with the online form (using the blue button below) or in writing using the NDEP Public Records Request Form (available below).

        Please direct your written request to:

        Nevada Division of Environmental Protection Records Request Coordinator
        Attn: Jessica Lunz
        901 S. Stewart St., Suite 4001 
        Carson City, NV 89701

        After recieving the request, the Records Request Coordinator will forward it to the appropriate NDEP program. You will recieve a response later advising whether or not files exist and, if a program has files, offering instructions on making arrangements to view the files or obtain copies.


        Contact Jessica Lunz at 775-687-9304

        Online Form
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