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        Applications & Forms


        Application for Approval of a Water Project

        Construction Complete Form

        Plan to Permit a Public Water System

        Plan to Permit a Privately Owned Public Water System

        Special Note — We are requesting that a PDF file of the plans and specifications be forwarded to BSDW

        Where to Submit Plans  Submit two complete sets of 24" x 36" engineering plans, technical specifications, and any other information relevant to the proposed project, to the Bureau of Safe Drinking Water. All submittals, including those previously submitted directly to the Bureau's Las Vegas office, must now be sent to the Carson City office for processing and assignment (except Washoe County projects). One submitted copy will be kept in Carson City for record retention and the second set will be used as a "working copy" for the assigned engineer for review and comment. Two sets of any revised plan re-submittals will also need to be provided to the Carson City office. Again, the working copy resubmittal will be forwarded to the reviewing engineer. Allow at least 30 days for BSDW to complete its review of each submittal. Please submit all projects (except projects in Washoe County) to the following address:

        NDEP Bureau of Safe Drinking Water
        Attn: Jim Balderson, P.E.
        901 S. Stewart Street, Suite 4001
        Carson City, Nevada 89701


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