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        Statutes & Regulations

        NDEP Statutes & Regulations

        The table below provides links to selected portions of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS - State laws) and the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC).

        The Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) is the State of Nevada's code of state regulations. The LINKS to the NRSs and the NACs point directly to the Legislative Counsel Bureau's (LCB) website, and most of the links point directly to specific subsections within each webpage.

        Rule Making — It's worth mentioning that NDEP is often involved in the rule making process, particularly after each biennial legislative session. In this process, regulations that are adopted by the State Environmental Commission and become "effective by date certain" may not be codified into the online NACs available on LCB's website in a timely fashion. These adopted regulations are nevertheless made available on LCB's Administrative Regulations Website.


        Nevada Revised Statutes


        Nevada Administrative Code


        Generic Description
        Nevada Statutes and/or Regulations

        40.501 - 40.512No NAC ExistsEnvironmental Impairment of Real Collateral of Secured Lender
        40.501 - 40.512No NAC ExistsEnvironmental Impairment of Real Collateral of Secured Lender
        41.540 - 41.570No NAC ExistsEnvironmental Impairment of Real Collateral of Secured Lender

        233B. - ALL

        233B. - ALLAdministrative Procedures Act
        278.335 - 278.377278.- ALLPlanning and Zoning
        *444.440 - 444.645444.570 - 444.7499Disposal of Solid Waste
        *459.400 - 459.600444.965 - 444.976Facilities for Management of Hazardous Waste
        444A.010 - 444A.110444A.005 - 444A.470Recycling
        444A.420445A.118 - 445A.2234Water Quality Standards


        445A.0552 - 445A.067Water Quality Laboratory Certification
        445A - ALL445A - ALLWater Pollution Control - ALL
        445A.300 - 445A.730

        445A.350 - 445A.447

        Mining Facilities
        445A.060 - 445A.190445A.685Sewer Loan Program
        349.935 - 349.961445A.67561Board For Financing Water Projects
        445A.465445A.810 - 445A.925Underground Injection Control
        *445B.100 - 445B.640445B.001 - 445B.395Air Pollution Control
        445B.700 - 445B.845445B.400 - 445B.775Engine Emission Control (DMV & PS - SEC)
        445B.200 - 445B.245445B.875 - 445B.899Practice Before the Commission
        *445C.010 - 445C.140445C.010 - 445C.140Environmental Audit

        459.380 - 459.3874

        459.952 - 459.9542Highly Hazardous Substances

        *459.500, 459.535

        459.970 - 459.9729Consultant Certification
        459.610, 459.658459.973 - 459.9743Voluntary Cleanup
        *459.800 - 459.856459.9921 - 445.9995Storage Tanks
        486A.010 - 486A.180486A.101 - 486A.250Use of Alternative Fuels
        519A.010 - 519A.240
        519A.260 - 519A.280
        519A.010 - 519A.415Mining Regulation & Reclamation
        590.700 - 590.920590.700 - 590.790Cleanup of Petroleum Discharges (PETROLEUM BD)
        618.775444.965 - 444.976Disposal of Asbestos

        704.820 - 704.900

         Utility Environmental Protection Act (PSC)2
        (1) No direct statutory or regulatory impact; provided only for information purposes.

        (2) The Regulations are defined only with the context of electrical energy demand and supply.

        * A requirement contained in NRS 444.440 to 444.645 inclusive; 445A.300 to 445A.730 inclusive, 445B.100 to 445B.640 inclusive, 459.400 to 459.856 inclusive; and 519A.010 to 519A.280 inclusive. These are the statutory areas applicable to NRS 445C -"Environmental Audits"

        2 The Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) contain the State of Nevada's code of regulations. State regulations are defined under State law (NRS 233B.038) as an agency rule, standard, directive or statement of general applicability which effectuates or interprets (state) law or policy, or describes the organization, procedure or practice requirements of any agency. Of note, the NAC's have the same force of law as the NRS's

        NOTE: Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) Chapter 445 was revised into two chapters by the Legislative Counsel Bureau in November, 1994, Chapter 445A (Water Regulations) and Chapter 445B (Air Regulations); the NRS was revised into NRS 445A and NRS 445B in March, 1995.

        General Disclaimer:
        The information contained on this webpage is for public use and every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. While we try to keep the information timely and accurate, we make no expressed or implied guarantees.

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